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A three-time Hawaii Ironman qualifier, Andy is able to offer his clients a unique training experience. 20+ years of experience, Andy will make use of applied scientific training methods plus basic coaching principles he has used with many clients to get more out of themselves than they thought was possible.

He has found that athletes need accountability and structure to perform at their best, plus a human to talk to about real life challenges. A father of two, he has learnt to balance life and sport to maintain a competitive level at Ironman distance triathlons. Health is the foremost concern as he sees endurance athletes heading in the direction of poor health, constant searching of more results and the next best thing.

A specialist in hydration and fuelling for race day performance he also has experience in body composition, corrective exercise prescriptions and lifestyle coaching. He has spent time studying under the renowned Dr Dan Plews he has experience in low carb high fat application in long distance competition, heat protocols and so much more.

By taking a holistic approach Andy will give you the tools that you need to develop good habits and decision making skills.


Are you looking for more than a training plan? Tritanium will create a bespoke, supported training plan designed to take you to the next level. Andy will help you make positive changes by tracking HRV, improving your sleep and make nutrition and lifestyle changes. This holistic approach to health and wellbeing will help you be your best at work and in sport.

We coach triathletes, marathon runners and cyclists to be at their best, and our oldest athlete is 66 years old, so no limits to the range of abilities.

£300 – £500 per month
This bespoke and flexible training plan gives you unlimited access to Andy’s experience and so much more.

  • Consultation with Andy Brodziak
  • Training analysis and feedback
  • Auto regulation using HRV
  • Plan Flexibility
  • Outside the box thinking approach
  • Unlimited access to Andy
  • Diet and Lifestyle support
  • An Insight into Professional athlete support
  • Option to travel for specific one-to-one training
  • Strength, mobility specific to your sport
  • Equipment selection and preferred partner discounts


If you would like to book a 1:1 consult this can be arranged to cover topics including race nutrition, fuelling errors, hydration advice and also general training guidelines if you are self coached.

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We are thrilled to welcome Felix to the Tritanium Coaching team!

  • British Standard Distance Triathlon & World Duathlon Champion
  • Multiple European Duathlon Medallist
  • Experienced in Triathlon & Duathlon, from Sprint to Half Ironman Distance

Felix’s academic journey in Sports & Exercise Science and Sports Therapy brings a wealth of knowledge in scientific training and rehabilitation methods.

With over a decade of coaching experience, he’s worked with athletes of all levels, understanding the commitment and challenges of athlete development both professionally and personally.

Felix believes in the power of coach-athlete rapport, ensuring effective communication, athlete happiness, and engagement for training success. With a holistic approach, Felix will tailor a bespoke training plan to help you achieve your sporting or lifestyle goals while managing work and personal commitments.

Limited spaces available, so get in touch now at to secure your spot!

Introductory pricing:
Triathlon Coaching: £150 per month
Running Coaching: £100 per month


Andy has 5 years of Hydration testing experience using Precision Fuel & Hydration equipment and now has mobile links to travel to London, Jersey, Iceland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia but is based near Leeds, UK. From world class boxer’s to Lucy Charles-Barclay in the Triathlon world, Andy has been able to fine tune Pro athletes sodium and fluid strategy plus make fuel recommendations.

Precision Hydration provides services to a growing list of professional sports teams in the English Premier League, International Rugby Union, the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Formula 1 motor racing, MotoGP and Indy Car, as well as elite individuals from the worlds of cycling, running, triathlon and more.

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Andy is also working with top professional athletes, helping with training, nutrition, recovery, lifestyle and hydration strategies.


Maurice Clavel

Indie Lee


Are you a young athlete who needs a mentor? Andy is able to offer mentorship to a few talented youngsters who would benefit from some structured training. He will give you help, guide you and give direction to your training plan allowing you to improve year on year. If that sounds like you, get in touch.


What they say

“For over 13 years now Andy has been with me on my journey from novice triathlete to the World Championship in Kona Hawaii and GB Age Group representation; he’s supported me on my quest to go ‘sub-10’ and indulged me on daft stuff like getting in the top 20 in a Land’s End to John o’Groats race and the Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon. 

Andy is a lifelong learner and continuously develops skills and knowledge across a very wide sweep of interventions. His goal orientation and data driven approach gets results, but importantly he delivers advice with a really nuanced understanding of the underlying human behavioural psychology of committing to and living the lifestyle of an endurance athlete for a busy professional with a family.”

Jim Graham

“I’ve been training with Andy for 6 years now and haven’t looked back since. Always quality training plans designed around my work, family and personal needs. A truly brilliant coach who offers so much more than just simply training advice but considers challenges with motivation, consistency and quality. Andy’s wider network of top level coaches and pro athletes ensures that my training plan is always in line with the latest methods and advice.”

Harry Miller

“The advantage of Andy is that he has a huge range of experience in all that goes into your sport performance. He is not only looking after your numbers, but also successfully implements the athlete’s background, which is what an excellent coach is made of. Andy has looked after my nutrition especially the days before the race and during the race. I’m grateful to have his experience with me now.”

Maurice Clavel
Ironman Champion

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